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Original by Yuriy (Yuriy Samsonov)

Original by Yuriy

Workshop by John (jwmunro)

Workshop by John

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2017/02/04 19:19:46
Here is what I did in PS CC 2017 and I am sure this can be done in most editing software.

1. Made the BG layer a Smart Object and opened ACR as a filter. This is so I can go back to the ACR settings later.
2. Made the following adjustments: Exposure +1/stop; Adjust WB with Temp -26 and Tint -30; Noise, Luminance 45 and Color 20.
Notes: When opening the exposure we got some nice details on the left side and details in the water. Plus 1/stop of exposure added a lot of noise so on the Sharpening Tab in ACR I softened the noise with luminance slider (zoom to 100% hold alt key as you slide) but there was also color noise that needed addressing. I liked the results but the warmth of the lights just seemed a bit to strong to me so I cooled the image a bit with the temp slider. Just a bit of warmth in the lights and reflection and now the snow looked a better but the color was bit off, too magenta. Using the tint slider I moved it toward green as the pink was just too unreal. With a -30 it was just starting to go green and we needed more of blue which I could not get without killing the orange glow. So this is an area subject to interpretation -28 to -32 before it goes to far one was or the other.

I hope you like the results.



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