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Original by Elaine (Everlasting)

Original by Elaine

Workshop by John (jwmunro)

Workshop by John

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2017/04/05 17:09:30
Hi Elaine

In looking at this scene I felt the girls could use a little more pop.

1. ACR I used the Radial Filter
2. Select the girl on the left. I used an oval from head to almost toe and just wide enough to capture her body on either side. I set the following: Exposure +60, Highlights +24, and Clarity +12
3. Select girl girl on left. Again the oval head to toe and just wide enough to capture the body. Setting; Exposure +60, Contrast +8, and Clarity +12.
4. The selection is important because I didn`t want to produce a halo around the girls against the very dark BG.

These minor change brighten the girls and their colorful clothing every so slightly and moves them away from the darker absorbing BG. I use the ACR filter but these changes would be best done when processing the RAW file in ACR.

Hope you like the changes.



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