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Original by Dan (Wandering Dan)

Original by Dan

Workshop by John (jwmunro)

Workshop by John

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2017/05/02 16:58:26

I just opened the shadows almost all the way in ACR and then removed the induced noise on the sharpening tab. I am kind of interested on some of the faces so I used the Radial Filter in ACR and drew an oval on the face of the front dancer left and right and the center dancer back and I added about 0.66 of exposure to lighten the face so that the expression come through.

I don`t think these modifications ruin the highlight light you have in the scene but we see a touch more of the activity. I hope you like it.



Comments about this workshop (1):

jwmunro (2017/05/02 16:59:59)

Opening the shadows was a bit to much by half now that I see them side by side.