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Original by Patricia

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Workshop by John

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2017/08/03 17:30:38
Hi Pat -

Read your note and the security light is causing a strong color cast and should be cleared. In PS CC there are some easy ways of clearing most of the cast, but if you go my website there is a PDF for clearing color casts the old fashion way.

What I did to attemp to improve the image:

1. Followed the CC notes.
2. After step 1 there still was a slight green cast. Since the lines in the previous curves were so close to gether I opened another curves layer and with the point selector on (upper left hand button on curves panel) I selected on the green areas above the eye of the raccoon. On the curvers diagram I selected the green channel above the curves histogram and gently pulled down the curve until I removed the remaining green cast. Don`t go too far as ALL of the green will disappear.
3. Finish all PP etc.

This did two things; brighten the image and cleared the cast. I think it did increase noise a bit but I am sure that is because of JPG format. Use NIK or some other noise reduction on the 16 bit PSD and you should not have a problem.

Hope you like it.



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plimrn (2017/08/30 14:25:07)

I like it a lot. I'll try your steps on the Nef file. Thank you. Been a busy time with lots of company. Sorry I'm so slow. The smoke is terrible here, I'm longing to be elsewhere...Thank goodness we missed 5 days of it with the eclipse trip but now there's a new one at Newberry Crater HLJ x 4, Patricia