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Original by Patricia

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Workshop by John

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2019/01/15 00:58:56
Hi Pat

After thinking about this for a day or so and reading all of the less than positive comments I thought I would look at this in PS CC. After removing the stroke and BG layer I looked at the histogram of the image and it is under exposed, i.e. the highlight end of the curve is in the middle of the histogram. This image could have used at least a full stop or more of light when you captured it. I suspect you were trying to control highlights. All I did to pop this image is to move the WHITEs in ACR to the right. Using the alt key and dragging to the right you will see white in the image when you have gone too far. I backed off the whites until there was no clipping. I added contrast to the image, but since it is a JPG and not a RAW a halo was adding in the reflection. The scene has some depth and life.

I don`t like the black area in the sky but the only way to fix that is to reshoot. The image is slightly askew, note the water line in the bg, and I did not address that.


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plimrn (2019/01/15 22:06:08)

So I tried to process the image with "High Contrast and Structure" as you did in the Bodie truck, I also used the 'sky' define filter on the sky because I don't like all the little dots. Now I'll go back and process it as you did and see what happens. I do have a tendency to underexpose. So I don't know why the changes don't show up in the main. Oh well, it was an interesting trial. I did send the latest to your comcast address.