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Original by Jean-Marc (guillaumejm)

Original by Jean-Marc

Workshop by John (jwmunro)

Workshop by John

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2019/05/31 15:35:40

1. Open the image in your image processor (I used PS CC 2019)
2. Duplicate the layer
3. Pull out guide and place one on the edge of each column
4. Free Transform (ctl+T) Grab the upper right corner and pull out until the column is vertical.
Do the same on the right upper corner. Depending on the processor you may have to
constrain the corners by holding the control key as you pull outward.
5. Go back and for with step four until you are satisfied and then exit Free Transform.

Here is where my suggestion to leave more room on the sides comes into play. Notice the sign is clipped off on both sides and does not look very good. If more side room was allocated the transforming to vertical would not have cut of the sign.



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guillaumejm (2019/05/31 16:42:07)

Thank's john.
It works quite well :).
I think I've achieved almost the same correction than you. But differently. I use an old software "ShiftN" (a freeware provided by Marcus Hebel in 2007) which works very well in automatic mode.
Thank's for your WS and your explanations.