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The Board Directors

Jean Marc Guillaume


I was born in the southwest of France: the Pyrenees Atlantic, the country of Henri IV, preferred King of the French.

Despite this, I first grew up in Australia before returning to my native southwest. Then I moved inside France: Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence, Cambrai, Compiègne, Paris .... I also had the opportunity to do some traveling around the world for pleasure or for business.

Now I tend to stay a bit in my new area of housing and adoption: the Jura. Mountainous area located east of France bordering Switzerland.

I love photography and can finally devote a little time to it, spending some hours on this magnificent site PF. I'm just an amateur who began years ago with film until 2004 when I discovered digital and post processing software.


John Mortier


Half Belgian half Dutch, born in Ghent and living in Luxembourg for 50 years. I made my first photos when I was 12 years old with an old Kodak Brownie-type camera. In 1962 I acquired a Yashica Pentamatic, one of the first Japanese reflex-cameras on the market in Europe.

In the eighties I became an adept of Minolta when I bought my first Minolta “Dynax” single-reflex autofocus camera. When Minolta became Sony I stayed because this gave me the opportunity to continue using my collection of Minolta objectives. A couple of years ago, after hesitating a long time, I abandoned Sony in favor of Canon. Today I am the happy owner of a Canon 6D. I am mainly a landscape photographer.

In August 2010 I became a member of Photofolia.


Kath Featherstone

Director at Large

I only came into photography with the advent of digital technology, although my father and then my husband were both very keen amateur photographers and developed and printed their own black and white images in wet darkrooms. I still have my father’s Zeiss Ikon Nettar camera lying unused on a shelf. My first DSLR was a Nikon D70 and the steep learning curve began, first with a photography course followed by digital imaging courses at night school. I have updated from the D70 several times, but have now moved to one of the more recent, lighter mirrorless cameras, Fuji XT 1.

I have lived all my life on the North Yorkshire coast in England, on the doorstep of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. With a wealth of photographic opportunity so close to home it is no surprise my first love was land/seascape photography. As I also like to travel I have a big catalogue of travel photos too. More recently I have been inspired more by detail and have gone into the world of macro photography. As you can tell my photographic taste is fairly eclectic.

I have been a member of PF almost since its inception in 2010.


John Munro

Director at Large

As a photographer I have a keen interest in landscape, travel and wildlife photography. I developed an interest in photography through my military service, education, and employment. I earned B.A. and Masters degrees in Geography/Cartography from San Jose State University in northern California. Prior to attending university I was in the USAF for almost five years stationed in the USA and Europe and this spent in the USAF spawned a travel bug that still infects me to this day. After attending university I went to work with the U.S. Geological Survey as a cartographer making topographic maps and early in my career I traveled throughout the western United States on mapping assignments doing preliminary feature identification and topographic surveying. I also traveled to Saudi Arabia to assemble and edit a wall map of the region. During my career I was a topographic map editor, designed special (thematic) topographic maps, supervised different mapping operations, and was the mapping program manager for the western United States and Pacific Basin.

I became interested in photography while in the USAF and in the late 1960s I purchased a Minolta SRT-101 with multiple lenses. I spent the next 30+ years with the Minolta trying to learn how to make correct exposures, but never progressed much beyond one exposure per roll that was anywhere near correct. Digital photography and the instant feedback changed things immensely for me. Approaching retirement I was faced with the age old retiree's question - what am going to do when I retire? I decided to expand my passion and learn how to compose and expose to make better images of my travels and interests.


Elaine Springford

Director at Large

I was born and raised in London, but left in 1975 to travel to India, where for several years I lived, worked and studied. I returned to Europe in 1984, subsequently making my home in the Netherlands with our young family. I joined the Atlantic and Pacific Exchange Program in 1988, firstly as financial controller and later after the retirement of the founder took the position of managing director. I remain there today and perhaps until the end of this year. I have been married for just over 40 years; have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Although my husband has been a keen photographer for many years, my passion for photography began only ten years ago with a small digital compact, but my passion for travel began with that first overland journey from England to India. Asia has become my favourite continent having travelled to almost every Asian country, including countless time to India, ten times to Burma and more recently twice to Bangladesh.

I enjoy taking photographs of people and environmental portraits, through various angles of daily life, religion, and specific events, social and cultural issues. I love colour and textures. And Asia has an abundance of both.

I have been lucky enough to win a couple of prizes for my photographs; "Reisreporter van het Jaar in 2013" for a Dutch travel magazine. My prize took me outside my comfort zone being a photographic trip to Ecuador. A new continent and a new challenge, - landscape photography. Another was the being selected by National Geographic to make an app, "Dreams of Burma".

I have been a member of the Photofolia since 2010 during that time I have not only made many friends but have learnt a great deal about photography and the post-processing of images. I was happy to join the Association at its inception and now a new step as Director-at-Large.


Lasse Löfström

Web Manager

Although I took my first photographs with my dad's camera already in my teens and later on tried to record on film the life of my family, it was only after going to digital in 2002 when photography became a hobby for me. My main source of photographic inspiration has, during the years, been nature and landscapes.

I have lived the biggest part of my life in Espoo, which is located next to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Espoo provides, in addition to its urban areas, also nature in the form of sea, forests and lakes. One of the most important places for me to both enjoy nature and take photographs is Nuuksio Lake Uplands , which is only a short distance from our home.

Since I retired from a telecommunications engineer job, one of my other hobbies has been web design. In addition to my own web site, Photofolia has helped me to learn more about it. I have been happy to help in small web design and maintenance tasks in PF.

The association employs an excellent fully qualified webmaster, who does the more technical site maintenance and develops the scripts of all new features.



Phil Dyer


Photography is my hobby and my passion and has been for the last 30 years. I have been a member of the Photofolia website since its inception and during that time I have cultivated many friendships not just online but in person. It has been an amazing experience. With that in mind I decided to join the new Association and take an active role in running the site as well as being Treasurer.


Members of the PF Association

Barbara Kehl
Claude Simonin
Daniel Kohanski
Elaine Springford
Jean-Marc Guillaume
John Mortier
John Munro
Kath Featherstone
Lasse Löfström
Linda Luxenhofer
Livia Comandini
Patricia Carolan
Peter Böhringer