Squirrel & new cones


Uploaded: 2017-08-10
Canon EOS 600D
EF70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
Focal length: 135 mm
Shutter Speed:
1/400 s

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ellelloo wrote in 2017/08/13 04:24:41: Hi Frank,
I do not know if these new cones give stomach trouble to our squirrels, but the green cones are delicacies for them and we can see every summer a show, when they are enjoying their special meal. Well, we humans often get stomach problems, if we eat too much goodies, don't we? :-)) Thanks for you comments. I am glad you like the photo.
Greetings from warm and humid south Finland!
Enjoy your weekend.

Jack (2017/08/12)

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Jack wrote in 2017/08/14 08:06:21: Thank's for the info Lasse

Today I mainly use my ipad (3rd generation) and my iphone6+ (Not least as I travel to some extend and find those units more attractive to use than a PC)
I can not do any mouse over with these at PF.
Open one photo for more info and then scroll is neither any solution as I then only scroll the same photographers photo.

I think it is not any good solution to exclude users of ipad and iphone from seeing some basic photo information without opening each and one photo. But, of course, as I presently only have a free membership I am not making any demands to PF just informing you that the present gallery solution is not optimal.

Have a fine day

ellelloo wrote in 2017/08/13 04:12:28: Hello Jack,
We had an unusually strong thunderstorm yesterday evening at 7 pm. No damages in our village that I know, but many houses were without electricity elsewhere, because falling trees cut wires.

The gallery images have a mouse-over feature, which works in PC and mac as intended: when you move the mouse pointer over the thumbnail , photo title, photographers name and some icons are shown on a greyed background with white font. In touch devices this is problematic, as there is no mouse-over feature. In my Android tablet and Windows phone 10 mobile phone I can can simulate mouse-over in the following way: Hold finger on a thumbnail a bit longer. It may result as a context menu of the tablet and I then use back arrow to remove it.
Also if the touching is not long enough, the photo itself will open. So it is tricky with touch devices. Maybe in iPad it even works in a different way? I know this is not optimal at all. It was not a wanted feature of course in touch devices.