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Uploaded: 2016-01-22
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Focal length: 100 mm
Shutter Speed:
1/1250 s

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CLODO (2016/01/22)

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W.Lim (2016/01/22 19:04:26): Thank you Claude.

BabaCam (2016/01/22)

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W.Lim (2016/01/22 17:59:55): Thanks Barbara,

It is not easy to get to this locations, It takes lot of planning, Rene's job :) and expensive because of many flights to get here. First we flew to Anchorage, to Juneau, to Wild Salmon, and than a little plane that land on water to Katmai National Park. The park only allow so many people per day, there are some cabins you can stay for $600 per night, but it is books for year in advance. You can also camp, reservation is also booked as soon as it becomes available. Rene stayed up till mid-night waiting for the reservation web page to go live. You can do day trip for 4 hours, but the weather has to play along and you have to be at the right time when the fishes are jumping. between two weeks time in June and July. Some years they are early or later.


feather (2016/01/22)

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W.Lim (2016/01/22 19:03:44): Yes, there is a hierarchy, You see the one in dark brown halfway submerged in the water, he is the highest. he catches lots of fishes in that spot. it seem he goes down and half the time he comes up with a fish. someone else will take that spot when he left, but soon as he come back, whoever is there will step away.

We never see mama bear with cubs near the falls, too dangerous. Mama bear are more concern about adult bears than any other predators, other predators are not as strong, and she can easily fight them off, but to fight with an adult male bears, she has little chance so she stays out of the way. The other danger are wolfs since they work in pack and she can be distracted by one and the other swoops in.


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W.Lim (2016/01/28 19:36:14): Peter,

Thanks for the golden nugget. You are modest. I'm sure you come back with different and amazing photos. You have enough time to compose yourself to make ton of good shots. Because these bear are not going anywhere fast until they are stuff and ready for a nap. Some of the bears are more shy or protective of their food, after they caught a salmon, they would go and eat in the bushes and come back to fish again.

There are lot bears around, but not all with in view, the most I had in one shot are 9 bears. As for the fishes, it's hard to plan for it, you just take as many shots. There some guy who had his camera set on a timer to take a shot every one minutes.

I was not as persistent and not as patience. Sometimes I just sat there and enjoy the view too instead of just shooting away.


mortijo (2016/01/30)

sevy (2016/02/05)