Look at the way those Knees Bend


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Uploaded: 2016-09-23
18.0-300.0 mm f/3.5-6.3
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1/250 s

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plimrn (2016/09/24 11:40:28): I didn't realize that water birds legs bent like this, thank you. I've been thinking that I might be as well but Chris & I have talked about this trip for a long time.

guillaumejm (2016/09/24)

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plimrn (2016/09/24 22:51:22): Brisbane has changed A LOT since I was here in 2003. It is way more cosmopolitan but unlike many places or even in 03, races/cultures appear to be happily integrated......I haven't noticed ethnic clustering. People are really friendly and helpful. It is well worth as return visit

BabaCam (2016/09/26)

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plimrn (2016/09/26 21:19:16): I loved Brisbane 13 years ago and it is even better now. It is really booming and much more cosmopolitan: great restaurants, wonderful fresh picked vegetables and a much wider mix of nationalities. The surprising thing is that groups don't seem to form by ethnic identity and everyone is friendly and helpful. The place is amazingly clean. I think prosperity has been a great mood elevator here.

We happened to arrive at the tail-end of the Brisbane Festival.It had been painting the town pink for the last 3 weeks with plays, ballet, music, art shows and last night the grand finale was "River Fire."There werefireworks from many sites along the river, helicopters, jets, police bagpipe band and an excellent DJ playing good music.. We were standing near the security guards and they were as friendly and helpful as everyone else, even taking care to move out of the way for the camera. I think all of Brisbane was there for show but people were very polite, there was no pushing evenafter the show. We took a City Cat across the river after the show. Inoticed a street sweeper; but he didn't have anything to sweep up.

The bird wasn't hurt, when I was looking at bird pictures to determine the name, I saw this same pose more than once. Kath says this direction of bend is typical for water birds, but I had never seen this pose before. One source said that the joint that we notice is actually the ankle, which bends forward on humans as well

Spokane! Far out! BTW, Bend is Much nicer than Spokane ;-)

ellelloo (2016/09/27)

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plimrn (2016/09/29 23:56:22): That must have been real culture shock; although Australia, like Finland, has little graffiti and rubbish in the streets. In a week here, I have seen rubbish twice and graffiti once. The weather has been much like that now as well, very hot in the daytime, cool at night. We also had a huge rainstorm yesterday. The breeze is the salvation here....just like Maui

borrazopolitan (2016/09/30)

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plimrn (2016/10/01 22:58:55): Surprisingly, groceries cost less than in the US. At least the produce, and the quality is the best I've seen in recent memory and I thought the produce in Europe was better than the US. Even frozen raspberries were 1/3 the cost. I'm here on a home exchange so the main cost was the flight

jwmunro (2016/12/10)