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Uploaded: 2011-10-06
Nikkor AF-S 18-200mm
Focal length: 27 mm
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1/160 s
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feather (2011/10/06)

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baba_flies (2011/10/09 06:17:47): Linda, this is why I have not chosen it for my photo title ... but the book stands in the front row when you go to a bookstore in the States (at least in Colorado), obviously titles are an important factor how books sell.
Sistercosmo (2011/10/07 20:17:38): "bitch" is among the worst words, let me tell you.
baba_flies (2011/10/06 09:08:49): Yes Nellie belongs to the store :))) but I needed also a title and as she is an important part of the whole series I thought it would not hurt to make the connection ... Yes a strange book title but I guess it is also used if someone is mean like Nelly was in the series. Sometimes or even many times the publishers choose the titles, in the end a book has to sell ... I looked it up in the dictionary last night and I thought I would rather leave it out as a main title. Isn't it something how the colors are different weeks later?

bebbetto (2011/10/06)

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baba_flies (2011/10/06 09:33:21): Oh you don't disturb, absolutely not, just come in and sit down. Can I serve you a cup of coffee? In fact we were just talking about Michael London wondering if he was still alive ...

This is very funny ... thank you!

amaz (2011/10/06)

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baba_flies (2011/10/06 10:54:33): I have not heard of him yet but he wrote me that he would have his operation this week so I guess he is probably there right now. I hope he has his laptop with him so he can follow us soon, once he feels a little better ... oh who likes to do these things, we all rather run around, don't we, and yet, this will be life quality. Thanks for asking.

jwmunro (2011/10/06)

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baba_flies (2011/10/07 06:39:28): Yes it is a magic place, hard to bring it over in my photo, I guess I haven't. I don't want to share too many photos of this area to keep it this way ... remote ... without too many tourists. Rim Rock country is wonderful, in fact my house owners are just beside, can you believe that. No one will ever buld in front of them, it will remain empty forever. I have not done many photos in the park this year. Once you begin to live there you forget making photos or you say "let's do it tomorrow" ... but I might upload one or too in the future.

Sistercosmo (2011/10/07)

zeca (2011/10/08)

gerrit (2011/10/08)

Isabelle (2011/10/08)

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baba_flies (2011/10/09 05:06:48): I watch TV all day long ... LOL ... just kidding but on some nights, a film relaxes me. We mostly tape (or buy) them, the best stuff comes after 11 p.m. and I can make a selection what to see. We mostly watch ARTE (a channel that some of the European countries share together), it has high level documentary films, high class journalism, many things filmed under danger, they also show long forgotten movies, movies from all over the world like Iran etc. and lots and lots of culture. But I mean in the end you are right, TV is a sin and many times a waste of time but we have it (still) in our hands to choose ... so far. Thanks for your kind words ... I am glad that some of the atmosphere came over, not always easy.

prasun984 (2011/10/09)

stano (2011/10/09)

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baba_flies (2011/10/11 03:46:47): Oh I am honored, a favorite! Yes the little house speaks volumes. Whenever I stand there I have to think how it was without a car, without the little country store that is not far away from here, without a hospital that you can reach within 45 minutes by car, without a bathroom. So many things we take for granted. The early settlers had a difficult life. They left their countries to find a better life. Maybe they were not expecting the same in these days as we would now but they must have had some ideas how their new life would look.

By the way, do you know Prof. Abbott Fay and his books about Colorado? He is "my" house-owners late father ... Benno bought all his books, he read most or maybe all of them to learn about Colorado and the early days.

pablominto (2011/10/11)

avene (2011/10/14)

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baba_flies (2011/10/15 02:31:28): Oh I hope it is not only one cup of coffee but maybe a piece of cake as well ... LOL ... and Zurich has some great corners besides, the photo museum in Winterthur is a great place too ... You make me really curious, where will your new home be?

longroute (2011/11/03)