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Mexico 2017 by lestans (Date of travel: 2017/10/25 - 2017/11/09) | (2 photos | 0 views)

Mexico 2017
A tour from Mexico city to Puebla, Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas, Palenque

Exotic New Mexico by BabaCam (Date of travel: 2017/09/14 - 2017/10/07) | (12 photos | 6 views)

Exotic New Mexico
Some images of a wonderful road trip with tenting in Colorado and Utah and also the adventure of staying in one place house "owning" like the locals staying in Santa Fe for 10 full days. Approx. 5 hours of flying time in the area, 2 spa visits "10,000 Waves Spa", enjoying the local foods (gained two kilos, oh dear) and arts markets around the famous Canyon raods. Weather: overcast skies, rain, strong winds ... and sun. Saw the first snow layer on the mountain peaks too.

Morvan 2017 by guillaumejm (Date of travel: 2017/08/12 - 2017/08/19) | (19 photos | 0 views)

Morvan 2017
Petite promenade dans le parc naturel du Morvan
Très belle région

Cruising the Elbe and the Moldau by mortijo (Date of travel: 2017/05/12 - 2017/05/24) | (2 photos | 20 views)

Cruising the Elbe and the Moldau
Potsdam - Praha - Potsdam

A cruise with the Saxonia, on the Havel, the Elbe and the Moldau. Prague was to be the highlight of the trip but there was much more.

Guadeloupe Fev. 2017 by guillaumejm (Date of travel: 2017/02/20 - 2017/03/02) | (32 photos | 33 views)

Guadeloupe Fev. 2017
Petit séjour dans les caraïbes.
Saison sèche : il pleut quand même. Gros avantages : très peu de moustiques, araignées. Bref en 10 jours pas une piqure et sans protection particulière : chance.
Par contre le soleil quand il donne, attention.

Bermuda Getaway Fall '16 by FotoShipshuck (Date of travel: 2016/10/21 - 2016/10/25) | (6 photos | 1 views)

Bermuda Getaway Fall '16
A quick getaway to Bermuda during Fall Break, as a belated celebration for our 20th anniversary.

Transatlantic Adventure by mortijo (Date of travel: 2016/09/27 - 2016/11/10) | (29 photos | 11 views)

Transatlantic Adventure
A cruise starting in Bremerhaven and ending in Nice.
Visiting Canada: Newfoundland, Quebec, Montreal
US : Boston, Newport and New York
Crossing the Atlantic twice in foul weather and discovering the Azores and Madeira. Finally the Mediterranean, visiting Malaga and Barcelona before leaving the cruise in Nice.

Viewfinders Camera Club Winners '16-'17 by FotoShipshuck (Date of travel: 2016/09/01 - 2017/05/16) | (12 photos | 2 views)

Viewfinders Camera Club Winners '16-'17
Shots of mine that won in the competitions of our local camera club in the year 2016-17.

Haute-Savoie 2016 by guillaumejm (Date of travel: 2016/07/30 - 2016/08/06) | (8 photos | 6 views)

Haute-Savoie 2016
Short stay in Combloux, facing the Mont Blanc, highest mountain from Alps.

NYC by BabaCam (Date of travel: 2016/06/12 - 2016/06/16) | (12 photos | 0 views)

New York New York :-) Came with the Greyhound Bus from VT.