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Roma & Firenze 2010 by Bertolucci (Date of travel: 2010/03/21 - 2010/03/29) | (5 photos | 0 views)

Roma & Firenze 2010
A trip to fascinating Firenze that started and ended in Rome.

?Florence has been on our travel short list for quite a while because it?s the place where the renaissance started and thus the foundations were laid for the ?modern? Western civilization. It never managed to climb though, the Duomo with the famous Brunelleschi dome and the Uffizi museum weren?t going away we reasoned. Our interest grew when my niece E. lived in Florence for 5 months for her Art & Management studies and came back to Holland very enthusiastically, full of stories and secret tips. End March, begin April ...

Around the World by feather (Date of travel: 2010/01/29 - 2010/03/21) | (39 photos | 39 views)

Around the World
A holiday dream to celebrate my husband's retirement, the main destination was New Zealand for 5 weeks. As it is such a long way, we stopped at Singapore on the way there, but instead of returning the same way, we decided to continue around the world, stopping at Fiji and finally California in the US.

Ilha Grande by Isabelle (Date of travel: 2009/07/25 - 2009/08/08) | (4 photos | 7 views)

Ilha Grande
Few days in Ilha Grande, in the litoral between S?o Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. 7 out of 10 days raining... but a lot of fun anyway.
Hope you enjoy.

Trièves by guillaumejm (Date of travel: 2009/06/10 - 2009/06/20) | (9 photos | 35 views)

First time we took some hollidays in May.
Trièves area, in france is just a marvelous area that some of pictures will help you to discover perhaps.

Cinque Terre by longroute (Date of travel: 2009/04/09 - 2009/04/14) | (5 photos | 2 views)

Cinque Terre
A short trip to the five coastal towns of Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy

"Patagonia" by PB-Photography (Date of travel: 2009/02/09 - 2009/02/19) | (5 photos | 12 views)

During my youth I was an avid reader of adventures and biographies. I guess these books marked me more for the rest of my life than I could imagine back then. Names like Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and alike sounded like music in my ears. Hardly could I imagine that I ever would make it to places like these.

Finally at age 47 I got to see the area around El Calafate and El Chalten located in the far South of Argentina. It was a long trip with multiple flights all the way from California to Patagonia. Almost 48 ...

The Faroe Islands by Jack (Date of travel: 2008/09/20 - 2008/10/20) | (4 photos | 2 views)

The Faroe Islands
A most interesting group of some small islands - far far away out in the huge, stormy, Atlantic ocean.

Austria : remembering ..... by guillaumejm (Date of travel: 2007/08/01 - 2007/08/31) | (21 photos | 18 views)

Austria : remembering .....
First time we visited austria. Starting from Voralberg & Tyrol in august 2005. Then we came back in upper austria in august 2007.....

Italy in 2007 by ellelloo (Date of travel: 2007/05/07 - 2007/05/21) | (6 photos | 10 views)

Italy in 2007
Photos from a 2 weeks trip to Italy in May 2007, where we stayed in Terracina and visited places like Rome, Naples, Sorrento and Ponza.

Torreon / Coahuila by guillaumejm (Date of travel: 2002/02/02 - 2002/02/20) | (6 photos | 11 views)

Torreon / Coahuila
I got opportunity for work pupose to spend about 2 weeks in mexico, Torreon city and around.
So here are some of the pictures I took after working periods.