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1. Photographs

  • The mission of this site is for its members to learn more about the world in all its aspects and also to learn and grow as photographers. To this end please ensure that all your posts can teach other members about some aspect of the world and/or about some aspect of photography. If you cannot articulate how the photo helps others to learn in this way, then it probably does not belong on this site. To help with this, we provide a space for a note (see ‘Descriptive Notes’ below) and spaces to enter the technical data.
  • Certain types of photos are generally not permitted on the Site. Details to be seen in the Terms of Service.
  • Basic members may post 10 photos per one calendar week and premium members 20 photo per calendar week.

2. Critiques

  • Most people join the Site to try to improve their photographic skills. To that end, this site maintains a critique system. You may critique other members' photos, and other members may critique your photos. The critiques are considered to be the most useful aspect of this site. New members are strongly encouraged to actively participate in the critiquing process.
  • Critiques are to be used for any critical or praiseworthy comments about the critiqued photo. Very general critiques i.e. Awesome, Incredible, I love it! or similar comments are not particularly helpful, and therefore, are discouraged. Instead, critiques should include specific reasons as to why a photo is either good or needs improvement.
  • Members are encouraged to give constructive criticism and feedback for how photos can be improved.
  • You may write 20 critiques a day (free account) or as many as you like (premium account).
  • While there is no requirement that you do so, members are encouraged to provide roughly as many critiques as they receive. One way of accomplishing this is to look at the posts of those members who have provided feedback to you and consider returning the favor.
  • As a general proposition, you will find that the more you comment on others' works, the more feedback you will get on your own work.

3. Titles and Descriptive Notes

  • A title and a descriptive notes must be included with all photographs. A title works as an opening statement while a note helps provide other members with information about your shot and help them to tailor their critiques to your specific needs. Posts without a title or a note are not allowed. However, please note that because of optimisation for search engines (SEO), certain less common characters and emoticons are not accepted in titles. The common French and German accents are accepted but if you are thinking of using less common characters, it is better to avoid them as it may not allow your image to be opened. Please also do NOT include emoticons in titles for the same reason. (Emoticons in notes are OK)
  • Titles and notes may be written in any language. There are links to an online translator on most pages.
  • The note may include the following types of information:
  • A description of the subject of the photo and how you think the photo helps other members to learn about that part of the world;
  • Technical aspects relating to the taking of the shot and any post-processing you might have done;
  • The conditions under which the shot was taken;
  • Your goal when you took the shot;
  • Any request for particular feedback that you’d like to have.
  • For all the above reasons it is strongly suggested to include a detailed EXIF to all photographs. Our site is designed to pull this information automatically from your photograph unless you excluded this information from your image when editing it.
  • Images without notes, or showing only the exif data or meaningless words may be erased at the site´s discretion.

4. Workshops

  • Workshops are a great way to see how another member might improve your photo.
  • Doing workshops on other members' photos is a great way to practice your post-processing skills and is generally appreciated by other members.

5. Members interacting among themselves

  • As PF is an international community, we remind our members to be extra-careful with the language used in notes and critiques. The site strongly recommends its members to avoid using offensive/abusive words. Images/notes will be deleted at the site´s discretion if the post is considered to be offensive/abusive.
  • The Contact form is available for those who feel offended by a critique received. In such cases, the PF Association board will deliberate the most appropriate solution for each case.