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What Inspirations is all about

Why do we take photographs? Probably the reasons are as varied as the numbers of photographers out there, from professionals, amateurs and beginners. However, we all at some time or other, become a bit stale, going through the motions and not getting the same satisfaction out of this wonderful hobby as we once did. Sound familiar?? PF′s Inspiration feature was started for just those times when a new technique or a new genre will start those creative juices flowing once more. It also offers any of our premium members the opportunity to share with the rest of us, photography or post processing techniques, or a particular genre they enjoy. There is an expectation that some research will be done and appropriate links to relevant websites shared.

Below you will find all the Inspiration tutorials already written for all premium members to enjoy and participate in. When using any of these tutorials as your inspiration, you are invited to share your results on the inspiration pages to generate extra interest and discussion.

To read the Inspiration lessons, first click on the thumbnail of the Inspiration in which you are interested. You will also see thumbnails of images inspired by the lesson. From there you will be able open the lesson itself and navigate to the original post. Clicking on the orange inspiration icon will reveal the other images which accompany the lesson.

If you would like to write an Inspiration lesson, please first contact the moderator with your idea (see left). Once given the go-ahead, prepare your lesson, maybe using existing Inspiration tutorials as a kind of "template" if that helps, although there is no prescribed method. (Suggestions are listed in the FAQs in the link below) When ready, send your draft text, proposed links and images to the moderator. The reason for this is to have some continuity with all lessons.. You may post your inspiration lesson as soon as the moderator gives the go-ahead.

In both cases post by using Add new >> Inspiration (NOT Add new >> Photo)

Although teaching and learning is involved here, the main emphasis is on having fun with photography!!

Further details of how to take part can be found HERE as one of the FAQs.


Street photography

  He is late!  CLODO


  Lestans  Isabelle

Intimate Landscapes

  Reflection...  feather

Pure White Backgrounds

  Aquilegia ...  feather

Vintage images

  Vintage bikes  SAS

Black & White Landscapes

  Big Splash...  robfeath


Intentional Camera Movement

  ”Sha...  avene