About | Mission

Photofolia’s goal is to engage its members in a sharing process. It is a website for photographers of all abilities, who are willing to learn more and to share their knowledge and expertise.

The two main things we do is to facilitate the sharing of photos and the organizing of critical interaction about them. We hope that through that interaction, the members improve their photographic skills, technical expertise, composition, post processing skills and try new genres. We are an international site and by interacting with many of the images and notes, members are constantly exposed to other cultures with different ways of life; different flora and fauna; different landscapes and natural phenomena.

We hope that the members get to know each other better and foster each otherís development as photographers. Taking this further we know that photographers on the web have a tendency to form social bonds, even enjoy meeting each other.

Last, but not least, the Association opted to avoid points because we, and most of our members, feel them to be meaningless. We expect our members to take their spare time here with quality and respect (and fun too, of course!) regardless of language and culture.