Theme of the Month | Member's Choice | 2012 | January


This summary is being posted early (you can usually expect the summary around the 3rd of each month) to inform you about the changes to ToM, as listed below.

The ToM for January - Worship - set a new record. We had 170 fantastic contributions! A big, heart-felt thanks to every member who helped to make this theme fun and thought-provoking and the best one yet!

With so many wonderful posts this month, this will be quite a long summary. If you're pressed for time, please skip down to the bottom and read the paragraphs titled "NEW!" There you'll find a detailed explanation about the exciting new changes that have been made to make ToM even more fun.

But first, the summary for January's theme "Worship" There were 170 contributions to the theme of worship and they spanned the entire globe! There were many images representing the traditional idea of worship like cathedrals, basilicas, abbeys, temples, mosques, chapels and shrines.

We had the pleasure of seeing how places of worship changed over time. From Ancient to Medieval, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Orthodox, Baroque, Rococo and Neo-classical - all of those styles were represented in the worship theme. And we saw the places of worship from both the outside and the inside.

We also were presented with people worshiping, in groups and alone. Worship in the morning and in the evening, prayers and rituals such as Suryapranam. And we saw very unique images of worship, showing self-worship, nature worship, idol worship and even the Mecca of theater. There were those worshipping the one they love and we also agreed that somehow we all worship photography while still others worship their car.

Many images showed objects associated with worship - statues and ornaments, some golden, some sleek. We saw the desk at which Martin Luther sat in Eisenach and rows of shoes in Kamakura. Light and candles, steeples and pillars, prayer wheels.

There was mythological worship, pagan, Catholic, Orthodox, Buddhist, Evangelic, Hindu, Voodoo, Muslim, Navajo and sun worship, just to name a few. We covered just about every category and - if I counted right - 35 different countries.

Congratulations to everyone who participated! We showed the huge diversity that the idea of worship spans and we did it in the most open, respectful and tolerant way! The world could use more of that! Thanks!