Theme of the Month | Members' Choice | 2019 | February

Love is....

As one might expect, cuddles and kisses featured highly in this month’s theme. However you also showed us some of the things you like (love) and people experiencing joy. We also had some hearts, the worldwide symbol of love.
Thank you to all who participated and to all who voted.

kiss me
Les amoureux de Saint Trophime

Congratulations to the mentioned photos!
Thank you to all who voted. The ToM Team encourages all members to vote for his/her favorite five contributions to the theme at the end of each month.
Under each theme contribution are the words “Add this Image to: Theme of the Month: My Choices”.
This is a very important detail: You need to click on this for all potential images for your vote before the last day of the ongoing month, because once the ongoing theme of the month is finished you will not be able to go back and select your favorites anymore!!!
You can select as many images from which to choose as you please to be in your personal "My ToM Choices" gallery. At the end of the month we ask you to go to My Menu >> My Choices >> Concluded Month and select your top five favorites from the gallery you complied yourself throughout the month . These should be the contributions that you feel best represent the theme, were particularly unique, artistically valuable, emotionally moving or simply your personal choice. Click "Submit" at the bottom of that page to conclude your vote.
The result will be published on the 8th of each month!
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