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25th international kite meeting -Berck 2011- by lacroux [Group Theme] (8 photos | 100 views)

Every year in end March - start April, Berck Sur Mer holds international kite festival. The colorful event takes place for more than two decades. People flying kites from France as well as from all over the world participate in this happening. The spectators can see kites from every color and shape.

This year, for this Easter week, Berck hosted the 25th meeting.
The heat was unusual for the season and crushed leaded light shadows.Not an ideal time for the photographers.

@ Paulo?s garden by Isabelle [Personal Theme] (2 photos | 5 views)

Images taken at PF member Paulo?s garden during the winter vacations of 2011.
Most of them show my first humble dive into macro photography and I enjoyed doing them tremendously.

A hint of red by Isabelle [Group Theme] (30 photos | 119 views)

One year ago, Henk opened a theme... Add your contribution!

A labrador named DAGO :) by guillaumejm [Personal Theme] (24 photos | 33 views)

Following one suggestion I received, I started a new persoal theme about my labrador companion. He is now 6 years old and is a very nice dog.

Update summer 2018 : after 10 years, he left us. So this album is like a dedicace to him now.