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2020 - January: Strength (15 photos)

Strength can mean different things to different people. Not just the weightlifter on his podium, but sometimes the tiny ant carrying three times its weight, or a small umbrella, bravely holding its own against the wind. What comes to mind when you think of strength?

2019 - December: Winter (35 photos)

This month’s theme speaks for itself I think.
We’re sure you can think of lots of examples.
Show us your creativity and explain in your note how your image fits the theme

2019 - November: Playtime (13 photos)

We usually associate playtime with children, but in today’s climate please only post images of children with parents’ permission. However adults can play too, as can your pets.

We are sure you can be as innovative and creative with this theme as ever.

2019 - October: Darkness (30 photos)

photos taken in the dark or very low light inside and outside. Not only night photos but images taken in very low light inside. Portraits, still-life, details in a church, flowers, silhouettes

2019 - September: Fun with water (17 photos)

Watersport, birds splashing in a water-bath, children running through a fountain, the key is fun and water.