Themes | Theme of the Month

2017 - August: Beach Life (31 photos)

Your feet in the sand or your nose in the wind. Search for shells or build a castle. Enjoy a summer drink or kite surfing in the surf. The beach life is diverse, relaxed and uncomplicated. How would you shoot it? Grab your camera and go to beach, be it by the sea, lake or river. Alternatively, swim in your photo archive for the most beautiful pictures of the beach life.

Please remember to emphasise "life", be it water life or humans having fun.

We’re sure with some thought and ingenuity you can show us your creative ideas.

As always please explain in your note how your image fits the theme

2017 - July: Rough & Hard (37 photos)

June’s ToM was “Delicate & Soft”. In contrast, in the month of July we have “Rough & Hard”

Below are some synonyms which might help with ideas.

Concerning rough ground or rock faces: uneven, irregular, bumpy, stony, rocky, broken, rugged, jaggy, craggy, rutted, pitted

Concerning rough tree bark: gnarled, knotty, knobbly, lumpy

Concerning rough dogs’ coats or prickly bushes: coarse, bristly, scratchy, shaggy, fuzzy

Concerning a person’s complexion, or animal skin: weather-beaten, calloused, scaly.

Some synonyms for “hard”: firm, solid, dense, rigid, stiff, resistant, unbreakable, inflexible, steely, tough, strong.

We’re sure you will have lots of ideas to show us “Rough & Hard” in the month of July. As always please write in your note how your image fits the theme.

2017 - June: Delicate and Soft (46 photos)

The theme for June is Delicate and Soft.

Something that is delicate is small and beautifully shaped having a soft and fragile beauty.
Images depicting the texture of fabrics, be it silky or velvety spring to mind, or maybe images of lace.
We can imagine seeing images of petals of flowers, the wings of an insect, or a feather. Or images showing the softness of skin or the softness of fur.
We could also imagine creative interpretations showing soft colours or soft focus, a delicate breeze. The flavours of wine are sometimes referred to as delicate and soft.
Let your creativity flow and just remember to include in your note how you think your image fits the theme.

2017 - May: Oh Baby! (38 photos)

The use of the word “Baby” is used in its widest sense here, so as well as baby humans and animals, it can also cover “baby” plants, which would include sprouting seeds, new shoots and leaves and flowers in bud. Other ideas could be animals that metamorphose such as frogspawn and tadpoles (baby frogs) or caterpillars (baby butterflies and moths.)

Be as creative as you wish, but please write in your note how your image fits the theme

2017 - April: A different perspective (42 photos)

A different perspective

The new monthly theme "A different perspective" challenges you to make a shot in a very different way. Photograph your subject and change the composition so that your usual way of viewing is much more exciting. An unexpected angle can be both the camera position and the composition. Or the combination. On your belly, down the stairs, from the air and under water are all separate points of view, but the unexpected is also determined by the subject photographed. You could include photographing things that might not be recognisable from the unusual angle and make it into a kind of guessing game.