Themes > Theme of the Month > 2017 - July: Rough & Hard

June’s ToM was “Delicate & Soft”. In contrast, in the month of July we have “Rough & Hard”

Below are some synonyms which might help with ideas.

Concerning rough ground or rock faces: uneven, irregular, bumpy, stony, rocky, broken, rugged, jaggy, craggy, rutted, pitted

Concerning rough tree bark: gnarled, knotty, knobbly, lumpy

Concerning rough dogs’ coats or prickly bushes: coarse, bristly, scratchy, shaggy, fuzzy

Concerning a person’s complexion, or animal skin: weather-beaten, calloused, scaly.

Some synonyms for “hard”: firm, solid, dense, rigid, stiff, resistant, unbreakable, inflexible, steely, tough, strong.

We’re sure you will have lots of ideas to show us “Rough & Hard” in the month of July. As always please write in your note how your image fits the theme.