Themes | Theme of the Month

2012 - February: Celebrations (87 photos)

This month, our baby celebrates its 2nd birthday and we would like to celebrate it by bringing images to our gallery that depict the many ways in which man or nature commemorating happiness, life, faith, hope and whatever you think should be celebrated.

In short, we would like to see photos that make us feel good, that in some way show a celebration or a happy mood. Something you feel conveys a happy feeling or represents celebration in any form.

To "heat your engines" and get your thoughts flowing, here are a just few possibilities - remember, there are no limitations to your interpretations -
the birth of a child, a wedding, a new job, a bachelor party, the birthday of a city, an achievement, a dream come true, the crowning of a king or queen... The list goes on. Be creative!

2012 - January: Places of Worship (163 photos)

As the name suggests, this month's theme is for any Place of Worship from any religion or a secular place which can be interpreted to fit the theme. As always please explain in your note why your image fits the theme, however we don't want to get into any religious debates please.

2011 - November: Animals (132 photos)

This month’s theme is "ANIMALS" - how they often look as if they have the same emotions as us, how they sometimes behave like us, how they make as laugh, how we enjoy interacting with them.

2011 - October: Shapes & Abstracts (74 photos)

This month’s theme is for any image that can be loosely described as abstract, and/or an image with geometric shapes, lines, angle, or curves etc.

Show us how ingenious you can be.