Themes | Theme of the Month

2017 - March: Symmetry (40 photos)

Did you pay attention in school when symmetry was explained? Then in the month of March you can get your ruler out for our super sleek theme 'Symmetry'.

Symmetry is in fact a mirror image which seems to be along an imaginary axis . A few examples to get you started: a landscape reflecting in the still water of a lake, a car straight shot from the front, but only half. The other half is not visible, but you know the car really is complete, this is a very different interpretation, but still symmetry. Choosing a good POV often makes a unbalanced image symmetrical.

We are sure that you can come up with some creative examples and look forward to seeing your five contributions.

2017 - February: Together (48 photos)

Some things cannot or should not be done alone, or are simply more fun when you do them with more people. A game, a day at the beach, a night out, a party or even photo-shooting. What do you think is more fun when you do it together? Capture the action in stills or browse through your photo archives and participate in the theme 'Together'!

We’re sure with some thought and ingenuity you can show us your creative ideas.

2017 - January: Food & Drink (54 photos)

Finally a theme where you can take photos all day: Food & Drink.

In the kitchen or on the terrace, in a restaurant or pub or out on the street, shops and markets selling food and drink, breakfast, dinner or a quick snack in between; we are confronted with food everywhere, so everywhere you go, you have the chance to participate in this theme.

2016 - December: Order (52 photos)

In this busy, hectic month we are trying to keep order or be orderly. Search your archives and grab your camera, because in the month of December our theme is about Order.
Free from disorder,- a neat, well arranged room in the home, or in public places; parking garages, electricity pylons, orderly rows of seats, or in nature; fields of corn or rows of lavender fields would make interesting photo subjects.

2016 - November: Indian summer (54 photos)

The period between late September and mid-November can still be called summer in the northern hemisphere. Very often we see a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather and the most glorious autumn days which we refer to as an “Indian Summer”.

The light is different and the nature colors your photos into the most beautiful of the year.

Shoot in October or November anything that can be related to an “Indian summer” and upload your best shots.

As always please explain in your note how your image fits the theme