Themes | Theme of the Month

2018 - February: Communication (34 photos)

February’s theme is probably self explanatory. It is something we do all day and every day….phones, letters, books, diaries, social media or simply talking to each other ... or is that a dying art?
We’re sure you can think of lots of examples.

2018 - January: Creative Bokeh (44 photos)

"In photography, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. Bokeh has been defined as "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light". (Wiki)

Premium members can also add their images to John Munro’s “Selective Focus” Inspiration tutorial (See HERE)

In simple terms, you need to decide on your point of focus and make sure it is pin sharp; select a large aperture (small f number); have your subject a distance from the background. More detailed advice is contained in John’s tutorial (Link above)

So…. widen your aperture and get shooting. Show us your images with Creative Bokeh

2017 - December: (Cottage) Industry (26 photos)

Most of us have at one time visited some kind of (cottage) industry or even a manufacturing plant. Living in the Netherlands, I immediately think of a cheese making factory or clog makers, but of course we can think of chocolate factories, coffee plantation, water purifying plant or even your own office or workplace. As long as someone or something is industrious it will fit our theme.

2017 - November: Books and reading (31 photos)

Our reading material is changing, from books/newspapers/magazines to tablets/e-readers etc. Your posts can include the obvious, someone reading a book or newspaper, but also a statue with book, think of angels in the churchyard reading from their stone books, signs in the street/station etc that we must read. Warning signs. Kids in schools, people on buses, a library full of books, singing from a song book, reading from a smartphone.

If your images contain a recognisable person be sure you have permission to post them.

2017 - October: Interiors (38 photos)

Being mindful of the weather with autumn approaching, our theme for October is “Interiors”.
When shooting buildings often the emphasis on the outside. But the inside is often just as interesting! During the entire month we are going to keep you inside. We can look inside stately homes, churches, castles, or choose for modern interiors, interior designers. We can expect to see vast halls but often small details and niches. We can look into your own home, an office, a hospital or any working establishment. The choice is yours. Determine your point of view, choose a realistic exposure and make the most of your beautiful Interior photos.