Themes | Theme of the Month

2019 - June: Two of a Kind (43 photos)

This months theme is open to various genres, landscapes, street photography, intimate landscapes, macro the only elements that we need to see in your image is 'Two of a Kind'.
Two trees in a landscape, two boats in the water, two children playing, two buds on a flower. The list is endless. Entries can be in colour or black and white, just make sure you show us two and two only.

2019 - May: Doors and Windows (58 photos)

It is surprising when you look carefully, how interesting, attractive and/or ornate, doors and windows can be. From simple cottage windows and doors to those of more opulent properties; even shop or office windows can make stunning images.
Any window or any door can fit this month's theme. All you need to do is be alert to something you might not normally notice.

2019 - April: Modern ... (18 photos)

This month’s theme is really wide and open. It will concern all what is modern or what was at a time considered as modern.
Of course we can think to architecture, manufactured products, but not only.
Looking for the definition in a dictionary we found : modern, adjective
1. of or relating to present and recent time.
2. Music and Dance, Literature, Fine Art of or relating to certain styles of art, literature, etc., that reject older, traditional forms.
3. using the latest techniques or ideas

We’re sure you can think of lots of examples.

Show us your creativity and explain in your note how your image fits the theme.

2019 - March: Transport (44 photos)

This is a very general theme, hopefully everyone can participate.
We are looking for any means or mode of transport, from the most conventional to the more obscure.

2019 - February: Love is.... (17 photos)

Timed to perfection, this month’s theme is made for the month of February and St Valentine’s day: Images that clearly show love and affection will be a perfect fit. A wedding photo, an intimate look between two people, an elderly couple holding hands (lovers, parents and children)