Themes | Theme of the Month

2018 - October: Yellow (50 photos)

It should be self explanatory, but any images with predominately the colour yellow e.g. autumn leaves, oilseed rape flowers, yellow houses, …..

We’re sure you can think of lots of examples.

2018 - September: Textures - Sharp, Spiky, or Prickly, (30 photos)

We are looking for images with good illustrations of sharp, spiky, or prickly. Think about in nature; plants such as cactus, thorns, thistle, spring to mind, or fruit, jackfruit, durian. Look into detail photos to find the textures, close-ups or macros.

Abstract and industrial images could also work.

2018 - August: Sunlight (39 photos)

This month's theme is all about sunlight, when the sun or its effects are the main part of the image. Sunrises and sunsets would fit the theme as well as crepuscular rays, also known as God's rays, Jacob's Ladder or sunbeams. Backlighting from the sun and contre jour images are also good examples for this month's theme.

2018 - July: Limited Colour Palette: (46 photos)

Abstracts & minimalism would work well for this theme, as would close details from larger subjects. Compositions with no more than three colours please; no more than two colours would be even better.

2018 - June: Mirror Image (57 photos)

For this new theme it must not be just any reflection image. As well as the reflection of the subject, the subject should also appear in the image e.g. a duck on the water, still life on a glass table ….