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Born in Laos, Lived in a refugee camp in Thailand for 3 years, now living in Southern California. I am a graphic designer for an environmental/engineering firm. I started photography as a source of inspiration for my paintings and drawings. As I discover my love for traveling, I begin to take photography more seriously to capture the beauty of all the places I have been to. Traveling is not just about seeing new places and meeting new people. It´s a chance to experience and learn first hand about different cultures around the world. It´s a chance to observe what others do differently without prejudice or judgment. It expanses our mind and broaden our knowledge, it lets us look at life from many different perspective. Photography is a form of art that allow us to captures that one moment in time and preserved it. It allows me to share my experiences with others. My pictures take me back in time and your pictures take me to places I never been.

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