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I live on the North Yorkshire coast and close to the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, which is a very beautiful area. Many of my posts are of my travels which is a big part of my life.

I had always used a Nikon throughout my photography journey, but because of the weight issue have now changed to the much lighter mirror-less camera, a Fuji XT 1

Please check out my personal website, where I put travel photos and photos from my own area. www.kathfeatherstone.turnpiece.net I add to it regularly, so you can go to the ´Latest´ page and follow the links from there.

19/01/17 I have just uploaded a lot of new images to my website. As suggested above you can go to the ´Latest´ page and follow the links from there.

Feb 19 2014
I have made a Blurb Book of my Garden Study series. Some people expressed an interest in purchasing a book if I made one. You can see the details and view the first 15 pages HERE

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