Balanced Rock (Moron-Free Bonus Version)


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Uploaded: 2010-06-02
Canon 400D
18-55 mm
Focal length: 21 mm
BW Polarizer
Shutter Speed:

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blueraven (2010/06/02)

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fulvio52 (2010/06/02 07:29:47): Thanks Claudia!

Ephemeral Arch collapsed? That's really BAD news! It always makes me sad when stuff like that happens...
Y'know, 8 days before taking this B.R. shot, in the night of August 4, 2008, Wall Arch (on the Devil's Garden Trail) fell into a thousand pieces. One minute it was there, the next it was gone... I didn't know it and found out upon discovering the trail was closed at Landscape Arch.
You have a good day, I'll be seeing ya in a second. I'm free for the rest of the day (but I started working at 6.00 AM). HUGS,


bema (2010/06/02)

Buin (2010/06/02)

mark_mk (2010/06/02)

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fulvio52 (2010/06/02 08:40:42): Mark,
I totally agree with you, after 3 times they should be disposed of. Regardless & merciless.
Unfortunately, there's just no way to stay ahead of them. Their mothers are always pregnant, they just keep coming... hehehehe!
Seriously : it took me in excess of half an hour and a lot of shenanigans to get a total of TWO moron-free shots of Balanced Rock. One of which is the one you see...
Thanks, buddy! I really appreciate your time and kindness.
See ya soon,


Wandering Dan (2010/06/02)

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fulvio52 (2010/06/02 10:08:14): Dan,

that's a GREAT idea! A Moron category, with any shot in it not counting against our daily quota, sounds like big time FUN to me! And why not? LOL!!!
Man, I was finally able to get away with two clean shots, but I lost in excess of half an hour AND MY TEMPER in the process. The thing that always drives me NUTS is the fact I don't exactly live around the corner and there's no way for me to tell when or whether I'll be able to return & get another chance... Yeah, next year, if everything works out and I'm still alive...
Thanks for passing by, much appreciated!
Have a good day,


feather (2010/06/02)

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fulvio52 (2010/06/02 11:18:42): Hi Kate,

yeah, I forgot answering Dan's comment. He's definitely right! LOL!!!
And let me add that living in Amsterdam, The Mother Of All Moronic Places, doesn't help much either... Seeing nothing but morons on a daily basis makes it pretty hard to retain some sanity & not to turn into one myself.
Thanks for passing by! Much appreciated, as always.
Have a nice evening,


UnTrained (2010/06/02)

Floydian (2010/06/02)

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fulvio52 (2010/06/02 23:33:03): Master!

Het was inderdaad kraakhelder. Precies wat je zegt : dat zien wij hier in Nederland zeer zelden en als het gebeurt ben je dan met hele andere dingen mee bezig. Het is nu donderdag, 6.30 's ochtends, en als ik naar buiten kijk zie ik dat het toevallig zonnig en kraakhelder is! Met andere woorden : ik zou op dit moment heel graag met de Canon in Marken of op de Zaanse Schans willen staan, maar ik moet zo meteen naar mijn werk... Gewoon KUT!
Dankjewel voor je bezoek, Henk!
Ik wens je nog een fijne dag. Tot later,

Fulvio. (2010/06/02)

amaz (2010/06/02)

Dyerco (2010/06/02)

BabaCam (2010/06/03)

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fulvio52 (2010/06/03 23:15:59): Dear Barbara,

what a nice surprise, thanks for passing by! So, you are just about to fly to Moab, uh? AWESOME!
I'm so glad to hear you're having a wonderful time, I had no doubt you would, we all have when we are in that neighborhood, but it's nice when you can feel the real vibes like now that I'm reading your words and I know you are there!
Yes, morons... There's no end to that story, they come in in all kinds, shapes, and colors.
Here in Holland we got bike paths all over the place, which is one of the very few things I really like about this country. Once you get out of town you would think you can relax, enjoy the countryside on a nice sunny day, no rush, and so on. And you could, if it wasn't for the usual moronic losers who think they are training for the Tour de France! Like they own the path, they shout at you to get out of their way while rushing at 60 kmh on tracks sometimes barely wide to have two bikers standing next to each other... It the same old story, everywhere you go : manure for brains & lots of unthinking idiots!
Anyways, I know you are in a wonderful moron-free environment at the present time, that's COOL. I wish I could be around, I'd sure pass by for a cup of early morning coffee!
Have a GREAT time, enjoy yourself in God's Country.


avene (2010/06/04)

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fulvio52 (2010/06/05 01:19:16): Hello my dear,

and thanks for passing by!
So, you guys took another trip to the Andes, uh? Awesome environment, and I can imagine at those elevations pretty much... moron-free! Glad y'all made it back in one piece and mighty proud to hear my name was repeatedly mentioned in the line of duty. LOL!!!
Make sure to say hello to Kristaps for me, I'll be looking forward to your upcoming posts!
I've been missing you both, and I know I'm not the only one.
Have a wonderful weekend. HUGS,


emka (2010/06/04)

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fulvio52 (2010/06/05 01:04:02): Grazie, Malgorzata!

You have a wonderful weekend too, I'll pass by your latest Venice post later on in the day.
It looks like summer has finally reached Holland! I might even be able to do some shooting today... hooray!
See you later. HUGS,


Bertolucci (2010/06/05)

dkeus31 (2010/06/07)

longroute (2010/06/07)

W.Lim (2010/06/08)

plimrn (2010/06/08)

gneufeld (2010/06/08)

odtom (2010/06/09)

Sistercosmo (2010/06/11)

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fulvio52 (2010/06/11 16:28:59): Thanks, Linda!

Yeah, I've been thinking the same about the favorite function (and several other things for that matter). The site's growing, slowly but growing, posts start coming in at a faster rate, there are days I simply got no time to check in, which means dig back later on and try to find out who's been posting what... It'd sure be great to have it finally up and running!

If one of their 2 cells forgot to wake the up in the morning? They'd die without knowing, one less problem for us. Unfortunately, they keep breeding like rabbits...

Doggie'll get his scratch + cookie in a moment, after his nightwalk.

You have a great weekend too. See ya soon,