Golden California






Uploaded: 2019-05-21
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
EF28-70mm f/2.8L USM
Focal length: 43 mm
Shutter Speed:
1/320 s
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Everlasting (2019/05/21)

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W.Lim (2019/05/21 07:59:42): You're right, it would be fun to do some serious macro shots. With two children, I did have the time and energy :)

Gigi (2019/05/21)

guillaumejm (2019/05/21)

Sistercosmo (2019/05/21)

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W.Lim (2019/05/21 23:53:35): Thanks Sister,

Ah, I love how the family pano turned out. Tyler was not happy with the walk, he was not in a good mood, he usually love the hike and we would have to control him so he wouldn't run all over the place. We later knew why, he was just getting sick, that night he had a fever over 100 and was sick for a few days. So we didn't spend too much time there. It took us about 2 and a half hour to get there, Kids was napping in the back fortunately. We hike up the hill for about 45 minutes and didn't continue because of the kids and it was starting to look about the same amazing from anywhere. You can just park and looks, the only difference is the further you go, the less people.

it will happen again, we'll text you next time, so you can come over :)


jwmunro (2019/05/21)

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W.Lim (2019/05/21 23:59:55): I know, even we had to slow down in awe when we first got there, it was pretty crazy. We expected it, but still was shock to see just how bad it was. Guess everyone else wanted to see it just like us, and most of them are city folks instagramers and selfie takers, not the type that respect nature. Even us had to take a few with us in the pictures...

CLODO (2019/05/22)

BabaCam (2019/05/22)

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W.Lim (2019/05/23 00:22:13): Instagram is a media exposure, kind of like an advertisement, it used to be you have to read the newspaper to know this kind of stuff, so not as many people read every page of the newspaper, not everyone has instagram or it is on Google page and Yahoo page. so everyone see it and want to go there, and off course us photographers show lots of beautiful pictures of it on line too, so they all want to take photos with themselves in it....

plimrn (2019/05/23)

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W.Lim (2019/05/24 06:18:04): Thanks Pat, for the kind words.
Even with that many people, fortunately, it is such wide area and the supper bloom, we were able to find some view point without people in it. It is mostly bad on the street and there was only a parking lot at the end where the visitor center is. So the rest had to park on the side of the street. So it created a jam, but at least it wS miles and miles of hill with the flowers. So you could stop any where and still see the flowers.

borrazopolitan (2019/08/24)