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Uploaded: 2011-11-27
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Focal length: 28 mm
Shutter Speed:
1/250 s

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Sistercosmo (2011/11/27)

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W.Lim (2011/11/27 20:07:08): Thank you, Sis,

Why are you still up so late? I know it is not dinner time here for us yet :)

Thank you for your support. I know this will be behind us, soon I hope, it is tough outthere at this economic time. It still sometimes bothers me that one person can change your life. He was happy there and works hard, dedicated and royal to the company, and it only take one person to change it all. It is a shame, the company would be so lucky to have him. One day, she will realize it is her loss, she has not yet.


jwmunro (2011/11/27)

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W.Lim (2011/11/27 20:11:55): Thanks John,

It is always better to have two hangin in there together than one :)

Bisti is a very beautiful and surreal place, not completely take your breath away kind of sweeping landscape, but there are many little so many places to discover and it takes some time to discover and every corner you turn there are photography opportunities. I highly recommended, but not a walk in the park, it takes abit of planning, a gps or good map is a must. Unless you are real good with sense of direction.


Angshu (2011/11/28)

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W.Lim (2011/11/28 18:46:45): Hi Angshu,

Thank you for your kind words. I think it will get better soon, not just for us but the whole society. I'm hopeful, it will be a better New Year.


Buin (2011/11/28)

BabaCam (2011/11/28)

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W.Lim (2011/12/01 01:11:13): Hello Barbara,

Thank you for sharing your story, I guess we all go through or at lease know someone who lost his or her job at sometimes. It's part of life in this society. It is just that in this case, it really was not justified. Rene is really a hard working and dedicated worker to the company and to the people there. It's just there someone has a new power and want to excise that power and for personal reason. Anyway, it is done and over with. He will find another job and that company will be lucky to have him. It is not easy because company are not still not optimistic about the economy.


sevy (2011/11/28)

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W.Lim (2011/11/28 18:56:16): You will certainly enjoy it, there is so much nature to see in the U.S. I know it may not sound as exotic as you were to be in some Africa countries, but there is so much to discover natural wonder in the U.S.

Judging from your photos style you would have a great time here.


feather (2011/11/28)

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W.Lim (2011/11/28 19:00:37): Thank you for you kind and encouraging words. I know things will eventually work out. Sometimes it is hard not to dwell in one's own sorrow. Even though it comparison to many out there, our situation is really not that big of a deal.

He got many interview with many companies, it is just that people are really slow and hesitant in this unstable economic time.

Isabelle (2011/11/28)

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W.Lim (2011/11/28 19:02:07): I understand your point, we were the only two out here, I will see if there is one with me in it, I will include in the CI if I have one.


Wandering Dan (2011/11/28)

guillaumejm (2011/11/28)

bebbetto (2011/11/29)

plimrn (2011/11/29)

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plimrn (2011/12/05 00:08:38): Thanks you for your comments, I truly have received much more love and joy that most people so I have no cause for complaint.
HLJ, Pat
W.Lim (2011/11/29 11:39:26): Thanks Pat,

Your love for Larry is very inspiring to us all. You certainly have gone through lifes ups and downs. It is great to have someone to share the tears and laughter.


dkeus31 (2011/11/29)

cam (2011/12/02)

cherryripe (2012/01/15)

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W.Lim (2012/01/15 17:33:52): Don't worry,

There is so much to see you will have to come back again and again and there still plenty to see :)

Thanks for you kind words.